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A Comprehensive Guide to Registering Your Marriage in Georgia


Marriage is a significant and voluntary union between a man and a woman, creating a family with certain rights and obligations. In Georgia, registering a marriage is a straightforward process with specific conditions, locations, and fees. This guide will walk you through the essential steps and requirements for a smooth marriage registration in Georgia.

Legal Significance of Marriage Registration

Marriage registration establishes a voluntary union between a man and a woman, giving rise to rights and obligations. It is a crucial step in creating a family, recognized by relevant authorities.

Necessary Conditions for Marriage Registration

  • Marriageable age is 18 or above.

  • Consent of both parties is essential.

  • Not allowed between individuals already married, relatives of direct ascending or descending branches, biological and non-biological siblings, or between the adopter and the adopted.

  • A marriage contract may be required for individuals receiving support.

Legal presence (residence permit or visa-free regime) in Georgia is necessary if at least one person is a foreign citizen.

Who Can Submit the Application

  • An adult couple seeking marriage.

  • Trusted persons of the couple.

Note: While application can be submitted by a representative, actual marriage registration cannot be done through a representative.

Where Can You Register Your Marriage

Marriage registration can be conducted at marriage houses, branches of the House of Justice, and territorial service centers. Solemn ceremonies are available in specific locations. Special celebration spaces are designated for unique experiences. Marriage registration can also take place outside the registering body's premises.

Documents Required for Marriage Registration

  • Joint written statement of persons to be married.

  • Identity documents of persons to be married.

  • Service fee payment receipt (if applicable).

  • Identity documents of witnesses.

  • Proof of dissolution of previous marriage (if applicable).

  • Documents proving the representative's authority and identity (if applicable).

Changing Surnames During Marriage Registration

Spouses have the right to choose a common surname. They can choose a surname resulting from the combination of their own surnames. Combining two-part surnames is not allowed.

Marriage Registration with Special Ritual Services

Special ritual services are offered in specific locations. Registration can occur on the same day or a chosen date within 2 months of application submission.

Term and Fees

Registration fees vary based on the location and services:

  • Free of charge at branches of the House of Justice or community centers without special ritual services.

  • 75 GEL for registration with special ritual services.

  • 135 GEL for marriage house registration with special ritual services on working days.

  • 225 GEL for marriage house registration with special ritual services on weekends.

  • 255 GEL for marriage registration outside the building.


Congratulations on taking the step towards marital bliss in Georgia! This guide should provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the marriage registration process, helping you navigate the legal and procedural aspects smoothly. Remember to check the specific requirements and fees based on your chosen location for a hassle-free experience.

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